It started as an award-winning self-promo. It’s now an ongoing pursuit of the challengers.

Our Campaign for New Thinking aims to connect us with like-minded people who believe that new ideas and creativity are essential to their future, and our collective future. With that thought, the Campaign encourages every person to embrace the opportunities that lie in approaching things differently.

Let others go trepidatiously. Let’s look at the merits of taking the path not yet travelled.

Join the Campaign for New Thinking

Invite us to the table early. Too often, creative firms are brought into initiatives too late, and we become process-executional rather than strategy-instrumental. We’re always up for a challenge: give us your vision and we’ll provide a point of view. It’ll cost you nothing, but it could be the start of everything.

Get Going with this Box

What’s this box?

It’s not just a box – it’s a grassroots interactive brainstorming tool. Give people a challenge or ask them how you can be more innovative, etc., then have them write their ideas and comments on the box.

How do I use it?

Take it into a brainstorming meeting. Leave it in a common area for people to participate. Pass it from one office to the next for a collective effort in generating and sharing ideas [the box can be collapsed and reassembled]. Take it seriously or have some fun with it.

How big is it?

16"x16"x16" fully assembled. We’ll ship it flat to you. You pop it together – you just need tape.

How long does it take to receive it?

Shipping normally takes two weeks. Currently we are only shipping in Canada.