You get what you give. So beyond the demands of doing great work and meeting deadlines, we do our best to find the time to embrace our communities and contribute to them on many levels.

In our own industry we aim to be participants, not onlookers. We make an effort to get out of the studio and give talks, sit on panels and contribute to boards, judge awards, and advise design schools and students. We’re always honoured to be invited to share our insights and expertise, and we continue to learn when engaged in these activities.

Our charity work is also incredibly important to us. We are fortunate to be able to use our skills and resources to help non-profits with pro bono design and reduced fees. These causes are a refreshing reminder that we are very fortunate, and we love that we can help further their prominence and reach. When we sponsor a ride for cancer or a local kids’ sports team, we always have a bigger picture in mind: we can be—and need to be—more than just a design company.