Everyone in the world is living + breathing
design because virtually everything is the
result of design.
We take it to heart that as idea generators and visual communicators we can actually have an impact on people. So we consider what we do somewhat of a responsibility, and a great opportunity. We begin with the practical and purposeful role of design and always consider how people engage with it. Then we think about how it can inspire – through the words, pictures and interaction – because inspiration can evoke curiosity, awe, change, motivation, action, pleasure and happiness. Inspiration goes deep.
At Oxygen, everyone is encouraged to be culture vultures, new technology adopters, innovation pursuers, travellers, info junkies, risk takers, participants, as well as socially and environmentally enlightened. When we see more, we edit out convention more. When we experience more, our work becomes truer and richer. As creative people, we have no boundary between work and life. Our eyes never stop observing. Our minds never stop exploring.
We live + breathe design.