The incomparable 401 Richmond building in the Fashion District of Toronto, where we have been privileged to work for over 13 years. Here, we’ve made many friends and seen the building evolve
into a remarkable community-centered habitat for artists, galleries, non-profits and entrepreneurs alike.
The building’s entry, where you can see tenants, student groups, visitors,
gallery goers and the architecturally-curious on any given day.
The courtyard in the building’s u-shaped centre, where the children from the childcare centre play.
Managing Principal Marawan, an avid collector and restorer of vintage scooters, has a pretty special parking spot for his Sophia.
A little bit of paradise in the sky. The Lesley Soden rooftop garden is like no other in the city and makes a great brainstorm, lunch or resting place.
The many galleries
keep us stimulated
and thinking.
The lovely Studio 123 Early Learning Centre, where some of our little monkeys have taken their first steps, was redesigned by tenant Dubbeldam Design Architects.
Swipe | Books + Objects [but it’s so much more] is located on the main floor of the building. Say no more.
The artisans, like Gwendolyne Hats, add an appreciation for craft to the experience here.
Two of us have been honoured to have our wedding dresses made by costumer to the stars and longtime tenant Susan Dicks.
The Roastery Café: a great place to meet, greet and eat.