So, what’s on your mind today?

  • We need a complete brand overhaul.
  • I’m opening a restaurant. Every touchpoint has to be unique.
  • Our current website is horrible.
  • We need to advertise the hottest event this year.
  • We’re hosting a major summit and need integrated creative.
  • I need a campaign to raise
    $1 million.
  • What do you know about presentations?
  • Our in-store promotions need more impact.
  • We’re launching an exciting new product.
  • Tell me more about challenger brands.

You’re not looking for just any design agency.
And we’re looking for clients who don’t want just any design agency.

We’re an idea-centric company that lives + breathes design. We bring your vision to life with concepts that are founded on a clear strategy, sought from the heart of who you are, and crafted to communicate very clearly and more interestingly to people.

We work with those who are just emerging and those globally established on strategy, design, communication and marketing initiatives. We execute across print, interactive and environmental media, developing everything from logos to language to fully integrated campaigns.

Are you a challenger?
Challengers are the people behind the brands people talk about. They’re different. And they’re always innovating. We find convention uninteresting, as do many of our clients, and have brought success to those who are willing to explore possibility over predictability. We want to help you shake things up.

Are you an excellence seeker?
Mediocrity gets you a mediocre reaction and response. Ingrained in Oxygen is excellence: a conviction to quality of thought and creative execution. You want to be the best at what you do? We want you to be too.

New Thinkers
We call the hybrid of challengers + excellence seekers the New Thinkers. What can New Thinkers achieve together? Better than those settling for anything less.

Finding a design agency that offers the right fit in methodology, personality and aesthetic is an investment of your time. Finding one that can help you design your future is the best investment you’ll ever make. To learn more about Oxygen’s principals and people, you can see us here.

Some Challengers We’re Following

Trends We’re Watching

  • Augmented reality
  • Group funding
  • Location-based apps
  • Mobile commerce
  • Music streaming
  • Non-retail storefront businesses
  • QR codes
  • Tablets

Core Services

Branding & rebranding
  • Brand audits
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand naming & taglines
  • Logo design
  • Brand applications
  • Brand guidelines
Visual identity
  • Logos
  • Collateral
  • Visual identity guidelines
Interactive media
  • Strategy, concept, completion
  • Websites
  • Microsites
  • Video
Retail design & packaging
  • In-store promotions
  • Print & online campaigns
  • Free-standing inserts
  • Printed collateral & packaging
Non-profit communications & marketing
  • Fundraising/awareness campaigns
  • Case for support pieces
  • Event creative & campaigns
Corporate communications
  • Product/service brochures/sites
  • Employee communications
  • Sales incentive themes & creative
  • Presentations
Reports & CSR
  • Reports to the community
  • Reports to shareholders
  • Social responsibility reports
  • Research reports