meet the principals
  • alex wigington
  • marawan el-asfahani
  • jennifer weaymouth
Alex Wigington RGD
Chief Creative Officer (in pink)

I’m lucky that Oxygen has had the opportunity to work with such an interesting array of clients. Getting on the inside of what they do and how they do it is an exciting job. That kind of up-close exposure to different industries makes you enlightened in perspective, and more inspired to help people achieve their goals. When you get us in the room, you can see our enthusiasm kick in. We live for possibility.

My vision is to continue to deliver excellence and bring success to our clients, but also to develop our own ideas and build new ventures. In expanding our playing field, we can bring more knowledge, more skills and more creativity back into what we can offer to our clients, and to Canada. I think it’s important to be the creative, not just do the creative; to be a challenger, not just expect it of others.

Marawan El-Asfahani RGD
CEO (in white)

I’ve been running Oxygen since co-founding it over 15 years ago, so I have a huge appreciation for and understanding of operations, finance, sales, marketing, and what my clients go through on a daily basis. Whether you’re a CEO, VP of Marketing or an entrepreneur with little knowledge of design, I make it my mission to know your business. I’m your strategic partner, someone you can run an idea by, and a tactical mind at your planning sessions. I ensure that between the estimate and the invoice, you receive accessible and open communication, responsible budget management, and delivery as promised. But well beyond that I’m thinking about opportunities for you, always keeping an eye on your competitors’ approach and strategizing how we can gain a greater creative advantage on them.

Jennifer Weaymouth RGD
Creative Director (in blue)

When clients start talking, I start seeing potential. That’s probably the eternal optimist in me. While they paint the big picture of where they want us to take them, I deconstruct it into parts, scrutinize, and reshape them into perspectives, ideas and solutions that maybe they had never considered. I think a great Creative Director means being a great editor: everything that's there is there for a reason, and everything else gets thrown out. A big part of deciding that is putting yourself in the shoes of your audience, then exploring reason and possibility. What you’re left with is clarity, and the heart of the story upon which to build something true and effective.

I want our clients to look at the work we’ve done for them and think it’s one of the best things they’ve ever been part of. But even with that I’ll be asking how we could have done it better.