As a company, we are challenging ourselves to be better patrons of the planet. We’re aiming to reduce impact by continuously educating ourselves about and seeking more sustainable sources and materials for projects we’re commissioned to work on, for our own initiatives and in our day-to-day operations. We’re making efforts to choose wisely, even if it’s harder or less convenient. Maybe considering alternatives will even lead us down interesting paths to more creative solutions.

Here are a few things we’re working on implementing or have already done so. Can we do a lot more? You bet.

Project Related

opting for online

Using and encouraging online initiatives to save on printed matter.

fsc certified

Sourcing materials that have been made from responsibly harvested trees and seeking out FSC-certified suppliers.

going local

Whenever possible choosing local suppliers and products to reduce the environmental footprint.

more sustainable suppliers

Choosing suppliers who are holistically greener through the entire cycle of their operation and product.

Waterless Printing

Utilizing this faster, cleaner printing process that eliminates fountain solution and reduces paper waste and energy use.

recycled + biodegradable

Selecting high-recycled-content materials and products and considering their recyclability and biodegradability.

waste reduction

Reducing the material used in production and maximizing area used on press sheets.

inks + coatings

When possible using petroleum-free inks and reducing the need for coatings on paper.


Using PDFs in lieu of paper printouts and allowing for creative and presentations to be shared digitally between multiple people.

mailing lists

Ensuring mailing lists are up-to-date and accurately targeted.

two-wheeled couriers

Requesting small packages be couriered by bike. When are we getting a green taxi co. in Toronto?

encouraging green

Using green certification logos to acknowledge the environmental consideration that has been put into produced work.


paperless magazines

Opting for online magazine subscriptions.


Turning on lights and the air con only when needed and not running water while we’re soaping up the dishes.

going dark at night

Turning off computers, printers and appliances when not in use at night.


Sending our non-animal food waste to our building’s provided compost. Thanks, 401 Richmond.

bye-bye water cooler

Replacing the need for trucks to exchange heavy water bottles (that also have to be cleaned) with a simple tap water filter.

green and local

Sourcing office supplies that are hopefully both.

recycling + reusing

Basic but important. Not throwing out that which can be recycled or reused.

thirsty for thermal

Banning take-out paper cups in the studio and opting for a Thermos instead. Imagine how many cups we save a year!

the air in here

Letting lots of plants in the studio help clean our air and pay homage to Mama Nature.

solo promo

Requesting only one [if any] printed promotion be sent to or left with our designer group and opting out of mailing lists that offer no value to us.

recycling toner cartridges

Choosing and returning recyclable printer toner cartridges.


Letting our website be our glossy leave-behind.

Earthy Things we Like

Twig Terrariums

Love this Brooklyn shop's miniatures in beautiful little ecosystems.

Woolly Pocket

Flexible, breathable, and modular gardening containers made from recycled plastic bottles. We love having them at Oxygen!

GAP Adventures

Canadian travel co offering authentic, sustainable and affordable travel experiences.

claude cormier + associés

A very inspiring Montreal-based landscape design

canadian salvaged timber

A reclaimed-wood wholesaler and design shop in Toronto.

nervous system

Drawing inspiration from natural phenomena, this company create unique and affordable art, jewelry and housewares.

Bubbletree Treehouse

You know you’ve always wanted to be in the trees.

BIXI Toronto

The public bike system is accessible to everyone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 12 months a year.


All things earthy store by same owners as Anthropologie.

Mountain Equipment Co-op

The outdoor company with a long-standing focus on social, environmental and economic sustainability. We love its 1% For The Planet commitment.

Evergreen Brick Works

The former Don Valley Brick Works was transformed from deteriorating heritage buildings into an internationally recognized showcase for urban sustainability.

Method Home Products

Cleaning products that are easy on the eyes, the nose and the planet.